Dining Room


The dining room was in good shape - it just needed a paint job.

The chandelier was a classic but overwhelmed the room - it was meant for a space that was about three times the size. And the curtains were way too formal

Two features worth keeping were the chair rail and the exposed brick, which turned out to be fake, which only added to the charm.


Replaced the chandelier with a mid-century style fixture from CB2.
Faux-Saarinen table, chairs and sideboard also from CB2
Rug is a modern dhurrie from Crate and Barrel
Metal blinds are Hunter-Douglas
60s mirror was something I found on Etsy and actually had to glue together myself (they couldn't figure out how to ship it assembled without it breaking, but it was cheap enough not to matter) And again, found that one by googling "60s round mirrors for walls" or something in that vein.
Drapes are Tantsu from Marimekko and are the white-on-white version of the living room drapes

Paint: Benjamin Moore Icing on the Cake (light blue) and West Coast (dark blue)

I removed the set of doors from the dining room to the bedroom wing as they just were one more thing to walk around and didn't do much in the way of privacy


  1. Alan, so great! I love every room. Way to go!

    1. Thank you Jim! Much appreciated - funny-- I had run into Ken S yesterday and he was filling me in on what you were up to. Glad all is well.

  2. Wow!! I love it! Definitely want to see more! I think you have a new career path!

  3. Alan, it looks amazing! I especially love the style in the living room, flowing into the dining room and the exposed brick. That's funny that Don and Megan's apartment influenced your decisions without quite knowing it at the time.

    The "before" photos of the kitchen and bathroom were especially amusing. SO MUCH PINK!!! Ack!! You did a good job of making it masculine and playing up the whimsy in the bathroom by making it surfer chic without tearing out the pink tiles. Well done, my friend!

  4. Like all the contrasts of color. Wall colors anchor the rooms nicely.